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本文摘要:Having trouble discerning one furry panda from another? A facial recognition app will make it easy for you.搞不清毛绒绒的大熊猫?


Having trouble discerning one furry panda from another? A facial recognition app will make it easy for you.搞不清毛绒绒的大熊猫?一款脸部辨识应用软件能给你精彩纷呈鉴别。The app is developed by the Chengdu Research Base of Giant Panda Breeding along with researchers in Singapore Nanyang Technological university and Sichuan Normal University.这个运用于由成都市大熊猫繁育研究产业基地、马来西亚贝德理工学院和四川师范学校的研究工作人员合作开发。“You no longer need to worry about making the pandas angry by calling them by the wrong name,” the Chengdu Research Base of Giant Panda Breeding wrote on Weibo, as it announced its new “giant panda facial recognition” app.成都市大熊猫繁育研究产业基地在公布这款“大熊猫脸部辨识”运用于时发布新浪微博称作,“好长时间无须忧虑喊错误姓名纳吉熊猫生气了。

”Visitors to the panda base in the Sichuan capital of Chengdu, one of China’s top tourist attractions, will be able to scan the panda’s face with the mobile app to get information about that particular bear.前去该产业基地参观考察的游人要是用以该应用软件扫瞄熊猫脸部,就能获知每只熊猫的信息内容。这里是中国最著名的游玩景点之一。“It’s good news for those with ‘face blindness’ for giant pandas,” the research base said in its statement announcing the breakthrough.该研究产业基地在公布这款应用软件的申明中称作,“它是大熊猫‘脸盲症病人’的福利”。


The image analysis research kicked off in 2017. A database now contains about 120,000 images and 10,000 video clips of giant pandas.此项图片分析研究在17年刚开始,数据库查询中目前约十二万张大熊猫照片和一万段大熊猫视頻。Close to 10,000 panda pictures have been analyzed, marked and annotated.研究工作人员剖析、标识和注释了接近一万张大熊猫照片。Using the database, researchers are able to carry out automatic facial recognition on panda faces to tell one animal from another, the center said.研究管理中心称作,根据用以数据库查询,研究工作人员能够对大熊猫的面部进行全自动脸部辨识,以区别各有不同的大熊猫。It’s not just a gimmick for tourists, though. Researchers say the technology will help them analyze data on pandas both in captivity and the wild.但这终究仅仅为游人们准备的营销手段。

研究工作人员答复,该技术性将有助她们剖析饲养和野生大熊猫的数据信息。The app and database will help us gather more precise and well-rounded data on the population, distribution, ages, gender ratio, birth and deaths of wild pandas, who live in deep mountains and are hard to track, said Chen Peng, a researcher with the base who co-authored a paper on Giant Panda Face Recognition Using Small Database.毕业论文《基于小数据集的大熊猫个体辨识》创作者之一、成都市大熊猫繁育研究产业基地研究员陈鹏讲到:“这款运用于和数据库查询将帮助大家收集相关野生大熊猫总数、产自、 年纪、男女比例、出生于和丧命的更为精准全方位的数据信息,他们日常生活在深山老林,难以追踪。”It will definitely help us improve efficiency and effectiveness in conservation and management of the animals, Chen said.他讲到:“这款运用于必然能帮助大家提高维护保养和管理方法大熊猫的高效率和实效性。

”China has carried out four scientific field research project of giant pandas in the wild.我国早就大力开展了四项对于野生大熊猫的科学研究参观考察新项目。The number of captive pandas was 548 globally as of November last year. Fewer than 2,000 pandas live in the wild, mostly in the provinces of Sichuan and Shaanxi.截止上年十一月,全世界总共548只饲养大熊猫。日常生活在野外的大熊猫接近2000只,绝大多数在四川省和陕西。Facial recognition technology is widely used in China.在我国,面部识别技术性已得到 广泛运用。


Police picked a wanted fugitive out of a crowd of 60,000 people at a pop concert in the city of Nanchang last year. In the city of Zhengzhou, billboard-size screens show the faces of jaywalkers.上年南昌市警察在该地欣赏巡回演唱的六万名观众们中寻找1名嫌疑犯。郑州则抬起广告牌子尺寸的显示器,曝出乱穿大马路的行人头像照片。Some public restrooms in Beijing use facial recognition to limit the amount of toilet paper dispensed to each person, while a KFC outlet in Hangzhou has rolled out a “Smile to Pay” system.北京市一些公共厕所运用该技术性允许上厕所者取完全免费卫生纸,而杭州市一家麦当劳饭店则开售了“笑容交纳”服务项目。



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